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Owning a Pepperidge Farm Distributorship

Owning a Pepperidge Farm Distributorship can be a personally and financially rewarding experience. Below, hear from our owners and operators about their experiences as Pepperidge Farm distributors.


Photo of Alison Gardner

Alison Gardner

(ALEGS C & C CO.) - Independent Operator - Snacks

“It’s great being your own boss — every effort put toward your business makes it successful!”

Photo of Chuck Celestine

Chuck Celestine

(Motivated Distributors LLC ) - Independent Operator - Snacks

“Pepperidge Farm offers great opportunities to own and operate great distributorships. I love it because it’s fun, challenging, and gratifying all in one — and you are responsible for yourself.”

Photo of Nick Mazur II

Nick Mazur II

Independent Operator - Snacks

“What attracted me to Pepperidge Farm was an opportunity to be self-employed and to be able to make an investment in my own business. I purchased my Pepperidge Farm route in July 2004. With hard work, combined with the tools and support supplied by Pepperidge Farm, the following year I received the prestigious award of National Distributor of the Year. Just last year, I received the award for Regional Distributor of the Year.”

Photo of Richard Rider

Richard Rider

Independent Operator - Bakery

“I became a Pepperidge Farm distributor over twenty years ago because I believed and still believe that Pepperidge Farm products represent quality. I knew that if I worked hard I would become successful. What I especially liked was that Pepperidge Farm would support you to become successful. New products, marketing support and sales management assist new distributors after purchasing their routes. However, my strongest belief was in myself. I knew that with my work ethic and positive attitude, I would grow. As a result, I have split my route three times. I am currently on my third route split. In closing, I would say &'plan your work and work your plan.' Every day represents new challenges. And I never stop learning.”

Photo of Rudolph Giecek

Rudolph Giecek

Independent Operator - Snacks

“There has not been a time I have needed assistance and wasn’t able to call our Help Desk. The Help Desk’s hours are great. Also, if something breaks down on my handheld computer, they send replacement gear right away.”

Photo of Roger Taylor

Roger Taylor

Independent Operator - Bakery

“After researching several other business opportunities, I decided that Pepperidge Farm was the one that I wanted to invest my future with. I have seen a much quicker return on my investment than I had anticipated. The brand is very well known and well packaged for notoriety. I would highly recommend a Pepperidge Farm Route to anyone looking for a future with a company that supports you, which allows you to meet your bottom line and make a profit.”

Photo of Tish Carry

Tish Carry

Independent Operator - Snacks

“Before this career change I worked in manufacturing and administration. Being in business with Pepperidge Farm is exciting. As an SDA, the pace is fast moving, and you stay active! Unlike other jobs, with a drive to increase sales, you see the results of your efforts in a short period, while building strong, long-lasting relationships with store personnel. Solid brand recognition, new products and promotions are all there for your success. And support is just a phone call away. Working side by side with other vendor companies, I have realized the advantages with Pepperidge Farm. They provide me the tools and resources to sell and service my stores, efficiently. It’s a great brand, and I have recommended the opportunity to others. Go Pepperidge Farm!”

Photo of David J. Williamon

David J. Williamon

Independent Operator – Snacks & Bakery Combo

“Owning a Pepperidge Farm distributorship has been a solid business decision for my family and our future. It has allowed me to grow my territory and split off areas to continue to grow. We have turned one route into three, making it a family business.”

Photo of Matt Lanenga

Matt Lanenga

Independent Operator – Bakery

“The best thing about being a Pepperidge Farm SDA is being aware that you represent a quality organization which produces the best products in the market. Pepperidge Farm’s reputation and support make it possible to continually enhance your business through building relationships and providing excellent service levels. To help build relationships and enhance my business, I have conducted in-store product sampling. This has helped me attract new customers and has resulted in increased commissions and route value.”